Forms and Policies

2021-2022 FORMS & POLICIES



You may download & print the forms below by clicking on the button next to the form name. The completed Registration Packet should be mailed to Ballet Spartanburg, 200 East Saint John Street, Spartanburg, SC 29306.

Class Schedule 2021-2022 

Closed Classes-Full Capacity

Creative A/B- Monday -4:30 ( Analay Saiz)

Pre Ballet A/B- Monday -3:30 ( Analay Saiz)

Outlines the schedule of classes for Toddler - Adult.

Policies & Procedures 2021-2022
Outlines policies & procedures pertaining to student dismissal, missed classes, dropping/adding classes, withdrawal, and tuition payment options.

Tuition/Pricing 2021-2022  
Outines tuition rates for children and adults.​​​​​

Registration Packet 2021-2022 

Summer/Fall Covid 19 Protocol Agreement


Registration packet includes: Registration Form, Photo Release/Dismissal Form, Tuition Payment Plan, & Auto-Draft Form. The completed packet plus registration fees must be received by Ballet Spartanburg to register. Please make sure that we have the 2021-2022 Ballet Spartanburg COVID-19  Waiver and the Chapman Cultural Center COVID-19 Waiver signed and on file in the office. Please read the Fall Center for Dance Education COVID-19 protocol/guidelines for the safety of students, parents, and staff.

CALENDAR 2021-2022  
Outlines CFDE important dates for students such as audition dates, holiday observances, and performance dates.

African Dance Registration Form 
Ballet Spartanburg offers a free African Dance class open to the public. Registration for this class is seperate from CFDE ballet and dance classes and must be completed by everyone attending. You may click here for more information.

2021-2022 Center for Dance Education Dress Code
Please click on our new 2021-20222021 dress code information.  On August 18-19 from 10:00AM-3:00PM, Lebo's will have all Ballet Spartanburg's uniforms for sale on the plaza. Please use the Ballet Spartanburg code only for Ballet Spartanburg when purchasing online. Please ask the office for the discount code.

Withdrawal Form
Official form to withdraw from classes for CFDE students.




Private Instruction Policy Information

  • Instructor/student arrangements must be approved by Ballet Master
  • Studio space must be reserved on the calendar by Ballet Master
  • Student must be registered at the Center for Dance Education
  • Student must be enrolled in at least 3 classes
  • Student must be 11 years of age or older
  • Student must have exemplary attendance records
  • Student must be up to date in tuition
  • Private lessons are solely for the purpose of refinement and enrichment
  • Private lessons are not for advancement in levels or desired roles in productions
  • The class fee is paid directly to the instructor

Contact Ballet Master Lona Gomez for more information at or 864.583.0339 Ext. 246.


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Ballet Spartanburg

Education. Outreach. Performance.

The joyful picture above of children from Sidewalk Hope, an inner city ministry in Spartanburg, captures the essence and innocence of joy, hope, and the connections that are created when we dance.  Sidewalk Hope participated in the 2018 So You Think You Can Dance, Spartanburg! community event, a fundraiser in partnership with 10 local organizations. The picture above reflects opportunity, joy, happiness, dance and above all, who we are as an organization: education, outreach and performance. We will present So You Think You Can Dance, Spartanburg!, March 31, 2022. Please look for our event as we post information later this summer.

The happiness in dancing on stage is reflected in this precious little dancer's eyes and body.  Arms open, lights aglow,  feet planted firmly on the stage, basking joyfully from a successful performance. This is the feeling we have as we anticipate returning to the stage this October with the premiere of Carlos Agudelo's, The Wizard of Oz.. Ballet Spartanburg and its Board of Trustees and staff will monitor and adjust all health and safety precautions as directed by the CDC. We are ready to to dance. We are ready to see our audience. We are ready.

Thank you for your continued love and support for 55 years. Onto our 56th season we go! Now follow the yellow brick road and grab your SEASON TICKETS TODAY!

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