October 21st 2022 - October 23rd 2022

Poster of Ballet Spartanburg's Cinderella

October 21-23, 2022

The magic of a glass slipper. The strike of midnight. Two horrible but funny stepsisters, a Fairy Godmother, a Prince, a magical pumpkin, an enchanting ballroom, of course, Cinderella, the sweet and kind young daughter who is left fatherless. Sergei Prokofiev, completed this score in 1944. It is his most popular and melodious of all time. With original choreography and directed by Carlos Agudelo, the story of Cinderella reminds us that when kindness is shared, it will be returned.



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Carlos Agudelo, 2023 SC Governor's Award for an Individual

Ballet Spartanburg's Artistic Director, Carlos Agudelo, was awarded the South Carolina Governor's Award from the South Carolina Arts Commission on May 23, 2023, at the Chapman Cultural Center. The award was presented by Mr. David Platt, Executive Director of the South Carolina Arts Commission. "We recognize the unparalleled energy, enthusiasm, devotion and love for dance that Carlos has gifted to our community out of his passion for all to experience the arts for the past 32 years. We are overjoyed that Carlos has been recognized by the South Carolina Arts Commission, " Teresa S. Berline, Executive Director. "The South Carolina Arts Commission is an extraordinary organization in our state which promotes and advocates opportunities in the arts which values equality, access, diversity and inclusion. Ballet Spartanburg is honored by the support of the South Carolina Arts Commission and the recognition of Carlos Agudelo."

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