Dance Demonstration 2019


May 18th 2019  9:00AM - 5:00PM


***The Creative classes rehearse during their regular class times and not at the theatre for rehearsal.

***The Toddler Class does not participate in the Dance Demonstration



Dear Center for Dance Education Family,

  • We are looking forward to seeing all of you on Saturday, May 18th! As a reminder, each family may bring up to 8 guests. We will not distribute tickets this year; therefore it is extremely important that each family does not exceed the 8 guest maximum. Please make certain that your family recital fee of $40.00 is paid. If you are uncertain if the recital fee is paid, please email Laurel.
  • There will be no personal videoing during any portion of the demonstration. See information below for DVD purchasing.
  • The Rehearsal & Performance Schedules are attached as well as posted on the Dance Center information board.

We will have the following available for purchase on Saturday the 18th.

  1. Roses: We will have our fabulous roses for sale in the lobby and all of the proceeds from the sales support our 2018-2019 dance recital. You will not need to run around at the last minute to purchase roses. We will have them waiting here for you. This year are offering one size-3 long stem pink roses with fern & baby's breath tied with pink tulle. Each bundle is $7.00.
  2. Sweet treats: After or even before the dance demonstration, grab a sweet treat for your dancer. Yum is all we can say! Every little dancer and family member will want one!
  3. Ballet Spartanburg's Blossom Blend Coffee: Our Ballet Spartanburg Blossom Blend coffee will be on sale AND we have samples for you to taste. Our Blossom Blend is the perfect gift for Mothers' Day, Teacher gifts for the end of the year, hostess and party gifts ( just pop in your freezer until needed). We have the coffee for sell. We are so proud to partner with The Little River Roasting Company for all of our coffee needs.
  • Eye Do Films will be videotaping all acts. The cost is $25.00 for one DVD or $35.00 for two. You may also purchase a flash drive for $30 each. All checks are to be made out to Eye Do Films. There will be a signup sheet during the theatre rehearsals. We must receive payment with your request for a DVD OR flash drive.
  • Town Photography/Bart Noschese will be available at the Dance Demonstration from 9AM to 2PM in the lobby of the Theatre to take photographs of your child’s special day! Packages start at $25. There are posters with photograph information on the doors throughout the Dance Center.
  • We will also have Summer Camp information and registration information for you in the lobby. Check out our listings on or pick up a brochure outside our office.

Please remember that your dancer will come back to the studios for you to pick up after their dance. We ask that you sit through the Act and to please wait until all dances are finished to accommodate those watching.

Also, please remember, we will ask for ID when you pick up your child, so have ID ready and available. You will pick up your child in our ballet lobby at the check in/check out table.


Thank you and we look forward to a beautiful day of dance and family!


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Ballet Spartanburg

Education. Outreach. Performance.

The joyful picture above of children from Sidewalk Hope, an inner-city ministry in Spartanburg, captures the essence and innocence of joy, hope, and the connections that are created when we dance.  Sidewalk Hope participated in the 2018 So You Think You Can Dance, Spartanburg! community event, a fundraiser in partnership with 10 local organizations. The picture above reflects opportunity, joy, happiness, dance and above all, who we are as an organization: education, outreach and performance. 

The happiness in dancing on stage is reflected in this precious little dancer's eyes and body.  Arms open, lights aglow, feet planted firmly on the stage, basking joyfully from a successful performance. This is the feeling we have as we anticipate returning to the stage this October with the premiere of Carlos Agudelo's, The Wizard of Oz. Ballet Spartanburg and its Board of Trustees and staff will monitor and adjust all health and safety precautions as directed by the CDC. We are ready to dance. We are ready to see our audience. We are ready.

Thank you for your continued love and support for 55 years. Onto our 56th season we go! Now follow the yellow brick road and grab your SEASON TICKETS TODAY!

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