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Ballet Spartanburg Gets $10K from TikTok Dancer - February 23rd 2021

Ballet Spartanburg received a $10,000 grant from TikTok and social media star, Charli D'Amelio and The American Dance Movement. The grant and Ballet Spartanburg were featured in a news segment from WSPA TV.  D’Amelio, the 16 year-old dance student and TikTok sensation was awarded $100,000 from TikTok when she reached 100 million followers in November of 2020. She donated her gift to the American Dance Movement with the guidelines to award 10 national dance centers $10,000 each. Ballet Spartanburg was one of 10 dance centers out of the 35,000 in the United States selected by the American Dance Movement to be gifted the $10,000 grant. The American Dance Movement awarded the grant money February 18, 2021 to Ballet Spartanburg. The grant has been used to support Ballet Spartanburg during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Carlos Agudelo, 2023 SC Governor's Award for an Individual

Ballet Spartanburg's Artistic Director, Carlos Agudelo, was awarded the South Carolina Governor's Award from the South Carolina Arts Commission on May 23, 2023, at the Chapman Cultural Center. The award was presented by Mr. David Platt, Executive Director of the South Carolina Arts Commission. "We recognize the unparalleled energy, enthusiasm, devotion and love for dance that Carlos has gifted to our community out of his passion for all to experience the arts for the past 32 years. We are overjoyed that Carlos has been recognized by the South Carolina Arts Commission, " Teresa S. Berline, Executive Director. "The South Carolina Arts Commission is an extraordinary organization in our state which promotes and advocates opportunities in the arts which values equality, access, diversity and inclusion. Ballet Spartanburg is honored by the support of the South Carolina Arts Commission and the recognition of Carlos Agudelo."

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