Season Member Reservation Instructions


 Select Seats (THE WIZARD OF OZ)
 Select Seats  (THE NUTCRACKER) 
 Select Seats  (A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHT DREAM)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Click on "Select Seats" for the show you want.
  • Choose the date and time you want to attend.
  • Select the seats you want (stage is at the top of your screen)                                                                       
     (Ignore the adult, student or senior price options—your membership will zero out these costs.)
  • Select delivery option (print at home or will call) and click “Proceed to Payment”
  • On the Payment Information screen, skip down to “Redeem Benefits”
  • Enter either your email (you must use the same email the ticket office used to set up your season package) or your Patron ID # (click “Forgot Patron ID” if you need your ID # to be emailed to you), then enter your first and last name (if your name is not recognized, it may be listed under your spouse or partner or a business name— whatever the ticket office used to set up your membership package).
  • You should now see your ticket prices have been zeroed out and you’re ready to complete the transaction.
Can I reserve my season tickets for all shows at once?

Yes. You can follow the above steps and pick out your seats for all four shows at the same time. However, please keep in mind, especially when reserving seats months ahead, that there will be an exchange fee of $2 per ticket if you find out later that you need to change the day, time, or seat location for a show. Also, you will not be able to exchange the tickets yourself online. You will need to bring your tickets to the ticket office for exchange. 

Can I claim my voucher/complimentary tickets online? 

No. Unfortunately there is no way to issue complimentary tickets online. If you want to use your voucher and you want that seat reserved beside your season tickets, the best bet is to call or come by the ticket office so that we can reserve your season tickets at the same time. That way, we can do our best to insure that all seats are beside each other.

Help keep Dance Alive


Donate today

Ballet Spartanburg

Education. Outreach. Performance.

The joyful picture above of children from Sidewalk Hope, an inner city ministry in Spartanburg, captures the essence and innocence of joy, hope, and the connections that are created when we dance.  Sidewalk Hope participated in the 2018 So You Think You Can Dance, Spartanburg! community event, a fundraiser in partnership with 10 local organizations. The picture above reflects opportunity, joy, happiness, dance and above all, who we are as an organization: education, outreach and performance.

This year is Ballet Spartanburg's 55th season in your community. Throughout this pandemic, we have remained committed to offering to our community the services of our mission, education, outreach and performance, to the best of our ability in keeping with the guidelines of the CDC and DHEC. We have all seen a dramatic change in our world, how we live, and how we are able to experience the arts. We are resilient and prepared to face a tough and challenging season. Your support is needed now more than ever. 

Our community's words of encouragement, notes, letters, emails, donations and gifts continue to inspire us each day. Contributions allow us to continue creating new choreography, engage in new outreach programs such as our new partnership with the Leap of Dance Academy in Nigeria, Africa, and our commitment to offering the highest quality dance education in our Center for Dance Education.

We look forward to 2021 when our dancers can return safely to the stage and share the beauty of dance. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and please, stay connected. Stay safe and take care of others.

With immense gratitude-Ballet Spartanburg


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