Twinkle Toes Toddler Dance Camp

Ages: 2-3 Session 1 June 10-14 10:00-10:50 $60

Ages: 2-3 Session 2 July 8-12 10:00-10:50 $60  AT CAPACITY

Ages: 2-3 Session 3 July 22-26 10:00-10:50 $60 AT CAPACITY

A perfect first dance class for toddlers! This fun introduction class is a mixture of structure and creative energy which will keep your little toddler engaged and moving. Parents or caregivers are welcome to participate with their toddler to engage in this “twinkle toes” summer camp. *wear leotard, tights and ballet shoes

Creative and Imagine Dance Camp

Ages: 3 -4 Session 1 June 10-14 11:00-11:50 $60

Ages: 3 -4 Session 2 July 8-12 11:00-11:50 $60

Ages: 3-4 Session 3 July 22-26 11:00-11:50 $60

Creative Dance is just as it reads! CREATIVE. This creative based ballet class offers many opportunities to move and to develop large motor skills while fostering a love of dance and group interaction. The camp is a fun based introduction to our school year program. Learning through creative movement is a positive foundation for this camp.* wear leotard, tights, and ballet slippers.

Angelina Ballerina Camp

Ages 4-6 June 3-7 10:00-12:00 $130

Ages 4-6 August 5-9 10:00-12:00 $130

“At playtime she twirled and spun across the playground so fast that none of the little boys in her class could catch her…”Come in your favorite pink leotard and pink tutu and join Angelina Mouseling in a week of fun ballet training to your heart’s desire, Angelina’s beloved stories, and all crafts PINK! *wear leotard, tights and ballet shoes

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Ages: 5-8 Session 1: June 10-14 1:00-3:00 $130

Ages: 4-6 Session 2: July 15-19 10:00-12:00 $130

“All you need is faith, trust and a little piece of pixie dust…”A magical week in Neverland having a dance adventure with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell interacting with fairies, pirates and mermaids! This camp will consist of a daily ballet class, magical crafts and story excerpts from Peter Pan. *wear leotard, tights and ballet shoes

101 Dalmatians Camp

Ages: 4-6 Session 1: June 17-21 10:00-12:00 $130

“A hundred and one? My, where did they all come from?” Join us for a week of seeing spots and enjoy plenty of hair raising dance moves in the classic tale of kidnapping villains and courageous puppies! Enjoy a week of ballet class, spotted puppy crafts and story excerpts from the beloved Disney classic. *wear leotard, tights, and ballet shoes

Elsa’s Frozen Princess Camp

Ages: 4-6 Session 1: June 24-28 10:00-12:00 $130 AT CAPACITY

Ages: 5-8 Session 2: June 24-28 1:00-3:00 $130

“Only the act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.” A wintry week of icy adventures with Queen Elsa. Each day will include a ballet class, a wintry, magical craft including Olaf, and story excerpts theatrically engaging the students! *wear leotard, tights and ballet shoes

The Little Mermaid Camp

Ages: 4-6 Session 1: Jul 29-Aug 2 10:00-12:00 $130

Ages: 5-8 Session 2 Jul 29-Aug 2 1:00-3:00 $130

“You got your own style now let it come through, and remember no matter what, you got to be you.” Join Ariel and her friends for a week of a magical underwater adventure. Each day will consist of a daily ballet class and mermaid crafts! *wear leotard, tights and ballet slippers

2 Week Intensive Workshop (Technique and Beginning Pre-Pointe)

Pre-requisite: Advanced Children’s Division, rising Ballet IV

June 17-June 28 10:00-12:00

$240 2 weeks/$150 1 week

Extensive daily technical training with a focus on rote and foundational skills. Students under the artistic mentoring and tutorial by Lona Gomez, Ballet Master, will strengthen ballet technique. This intensive workshop is designed for students who have concentrated focus on honing and improving all ballet skills. *wear class uniform, tights, ballet slippers and pointe shoes

Contemporary and Lyrical Intermediate Workshop

Ages: 9-14 June 24-June 28 1:00-3:00 $120.00

We have a fun and challenging lyrical and Contemporary Intermediate class incorporating lyrical and contemporary styles while developing an emotional connection to the music. The workshop will improve balance, flexibility and coordination as well as provide an outlet for artistic expression. * wear leotard, footless tights and bare feet or lyrical shoes

Moana’s Summer Quest Adventure Camp

Ages: 4-6 Session 1: July 8- July 12 1:00-3:00 $130

Ages: 5-8 Session 2: August 5-August 9 1:00-3:00 $130

“There is a day when you’re gonna look around and realize happiness is where you are.”

Join us for a week of celebrating Princess Moana’s daring ocean adventures with a daily ballet class and island crafts. You will make your own flower lei to take home!

*wear leotard, tights and ballet shoes

Intermediate Ballet

Pre-requisite: completion of Ballet IIIA

July 15-July 19 1:00-2:30 $90

The class will emphasize expanding all connection steps, simple repetition to build strength and stability and sufficient self-control for adagio. *wear class uniform, tights and ballet slippers

Beginning Ballet FUNdamentals

Ages: 9-14 July 22-July 26 12:00-1:00 $60

A beginning ballet class to introduce the fundamentals of stance, alignment and foot shape. Each exercise will facilitate correct alignment and placement. * wear light blue tank leotard, tights and ballet slippers

Irish Step Camp

Ages: 5 and above June 10-14 10:00-12:00 $130.00

Join us for a fun week of Irish Step Dancing taught by Pam Pierce. You will learn the traditional dances of Ireland. *wear shorts, T shirt, Irish shoes or ballet slippers


*All classes must meet minimum enrollment requirements to be viable.








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